Monday, August 18, 2014

Arrowmont, and other adventures (August 10th - 17th)

Arrowmont was a bast! Located in Galinburg Tennessee, one hour south of Knoxville, this wonderful arts and crafts school is located off the "main" drag of neon, moonshine, and painted T-shirt wonderment. I had seven extraordinary students who worked from 8am to 1am tirelessly. We made rubber molds, waxes, refractory molds, and a little glass. Pictures can not describe the experience.

So bad!

I have been so bad at posting on this blog! So! I promise to post with more/pertinent information!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Youtube Symphony Orchestra!

Last Sunday my colleague and I had the pleasure of seeing the Youtube Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera house. I also had the good fortune of seeing my good friends Tom Ho and Edwin Outwater (an assistant conductor)....Check it out at

Monday, February 28, 2011

Beautiful sky

The sky was so beautiful tonight! I really do feel as if I am a tad bit closer to the sky......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Summer is coming to a close....

So the first round of castings have come out of the kiln today....well more like I propped the door open and peeked. The temp. is around 39 degrees Celsius still (100 ish F) so I am slightly skittish about throwing the doors open as the core temps. are still pretty high. These pieces have been annealing for the better part of the summer so it will be interesting to see how everything has come out...

I have also had a major break through! After several devastating losses of some rather large molds (they burst open and flooded the kilns here at ANU!) I have reevaluated the mold making materials as well as sought out other unconventional methods of creating the things I am interested in making. I have been layering sheet glass and refractor materials. using less materials and significantly cutting the anneal time! Images to come soon.....

Monday, February 14, 2011

In the future...everything is a bit brighter!

I am at the ANU library listening to the new Lady Gaga single…I am happy to finally find it, download it, and listen to it!

Being in Australia I have learned the difficulties of procuring things…Music, art supplies, foreign movies/T.V. shows, even trying to find out the results of the Grammies! Just last week while it was Superbowl Sunday, it was Monday here, and in the middle of the afternoon while it was airing, surprisingly live from the states. I gladly watched the halftime show in broad daylight and not under the influence, as much of America did….I am just curious when/if the Grammies will be aired in Australia.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I am a whole world....ok just hemisphere away. Calling home is a tricky thing, being about 17 hours ahead of Chicago; it makes for a few minor inconveniences. Today is February 15th but Valentines Day is still happening for all my friends and family in the states… I suppose I will have two birthdays….

I am living in the future! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where did January go?

Where has January gone? It has gone to meeting friends, people, starting my work, and moving!

I have moved in with Andrew and Jacq on 22 Boobiella Street in O’Connor. Both ANU folk who love to cook, laugh, drink, and have a good time. It is nice to get out of the ANU flat and have more of a purpose biking up and down the big hills getting to and from uni (Australian term). The view is superb in the new house. It overlooks most of Canberra with a lovely sitting and dinning area…and a few fruit trees to boot.

In the coming month I should have images of the work ready to post!

In the coming days a good friend and colleague Krysten Keches will join me on her Fulbright experience at the ANU (my home institution). She is a harpist and it will definitely be a good time showing her around Canberra. I have really set up roots in this cute little town and have been blessed to make a slew of friends!